SMB Group at a glance.
The SMB Group is a major manufacturer and provider of electrical switchgear solutions with headquarters in Singapore. Its history dates back to the early 1970’s. SMB was recently acquired by Osaki Electric Co Ltd, a listed Company on the Tokyo stock exchange in Japan. Following this acquisition by Osaki of SMB United Ltd future growth will continue to be directed towards projects within the construction sectors, including bank and financial, telecommunication, infrastructural developments, health care and hospitals. In addition business will be sought from manufacturing and industrial processing plants, government projects including education and military installations as well as commercial, residential buildings, data centres, food processing and pharmaceutical plants. Other primary activities are the supply of switchboards to both off-shore marine and oil & gas projects.
The SMB Group employs over 600 personnel, supporting trading, manufacturing and assembly operations in Singapore, Australia and Malaysia. The SMB Group is also supplying switchboards to Africa, Middle East, India and other parts of Asia.